Dr. Loewrigkeit focuses on family wellness and sports injuries at his Sparta chiropractic office. He will soon offer an assortment of services and therapies all under one roof which will surely set him apart from other Sparta chiropractors.

Lower Back Pain

Back pain is by far the most commonly symptom seen in our practice. Patients get outstanding results. In many cases, these results are far beyond what they originally expected with improvement in their sleep, ease of movement and overall vitality. A strong emphasize is laid on lifestyle modification to get longer lasting results.

Neck Pain

Many patients are surprised to find out how often neck pain, arm pain, headaches are related. Stabilizing the common postural distortion, helps realign the bones, taking pressure off the nerves and in the end the patient looks and feels great. Patients often report greater energy and feelings of vitality.

Sports Injuries

Being heavily involved in sports as a child and through my high school career, sports injuries are something I love to care for. A combination of adjustments, kinesiotape and rehab exercises helps get patients back out onto the court or field in an amazingly short period of time.

Wellness Care

I would only make recommendations based on what I feel is appropriate for my family when it comes to wellness care. As a father of four, I have seen my children take less medication than I did as a young person and hit all their developmental milestones ahead of the national average. Our pediatrician always makes a comment on how healthy our kids are compared to what they’re used to.