Appreciate your caring attitude – advice, kindness and happy attitude. I really like the supplements to help with sinus issues! It seems to be helping! So glad I found you and intend on being your patient for a long time!

− Kathy C.

My experience has been truly amazing.. Dr. Eric is awesome at what he does and truly takes his time with each patient. His staff is amazing, friendly and makes you feel welcome! I highly recommend going to see Dr. Eric and his staff.

− Samantha S.

Can’t say enough great things about this place! The doctor and receptionist treat me the utmost professionalism. I’ve been going for 3 years now and it has been the most pleasant experience I have had with a doctor yet.

− Christian B.

My son and I just started going to Dr. Eric. He is professional, caring, thorough and he makes us laugh. He was recommended to me by my former Chiropractor that moved away. He and his staff are very accommodating have made us feel like family. I highly recommend Dr. Eric!

− Corinne S.

Dr Eric and his staff are truly amazing! I knew as soon as I made the call for an appointment that this was the place for me. I was in a minor car accident and was experiencing a lot of back pain. Dr Eric has tremendously helped with his adjustments and suggested stretches that I do at home. I highly recommend him and I’m very grateful for his practice and the treatment that I’ve been receiving! God Bless!

− Darlene K.

I’ve spent the better part of my working life under a lot of stress. As a result, my neck and back were super tight, causing pain to radiate down my arms and to my hips. After my first two weeks seeing Dr. Eric, there is a noticeable improvement, less pain and stiffness – and something I didn’t expect, my sinuses are clear for the first time in a loooong time as a result of having less inflammation in my upper neck and head. I look forward to each visit and continued improvement. If you’re in the fence about coming to Sparta Chiro, just do it!

− Homer G.

How can you begin to describe a doctors office which makes you feel so at ease you would think you were home? Sparta chiropractic and wellness center is that place! The staff is friendly and accommodating, Dr. Eric is not only knowledgeable but is friendly, caring and makes you feel like family. My husband, my 3 little girls and myself all see Dr. Eric and we are all sleeping better, feeling better and our immune system is stronger. I couldn’t think of better place to bring my whole family!! The care is incomparable!

− Joanna B.

I had taken a bad fall, looked on line and found this office. I spoke with Rebecca. She was extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable. They were able to fit me in the same day. The visit with Dr. Eric was actually fun. Not only smart but very funny. Explains each step as he goes through the adjustment. At the 2nd visit he presented the plan to get me back to normal. I am 5 adjustments out and I cannot believe the difference. The very best experience I have ever had with a Chiropractor.

I have already referred several people!

− Kathy Z.

Dr Eric is a hidden gem here in Sparta. He is required maintenance for anyone in Sports performance training and powerlifting. He is also extremely knowledgeable in holistic medicine and has not only given me great advice for my insomnia …but has cured it. He set up a adrenal fatigue test for me and recommended that I take adrenatone and BOOM! I haven’t felt this good in years!!! I can’t thank him enough. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family and they all have nothing but great things to say about Dr Eric.

− Nick

I’m a daycare provider and for the longest time I couldn’t really do my job 100%, I couldn’t move the right way, my hip and my left leg wouldn’t let me move and i couldn’t move my arms up, so picking babies up and playing with kids was painful and frustrating.
After going to Dr.Eric I can now move around much better I’m myself again Dr. Eric is a great professional who knows what he is doing and I’m proof.
I highly recommend Dr.Eric all of the office employees are very friendly and nice I usually go Saturdays so I see Janell she’s so nice and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Don’t search for a chiropractor any longer Dr. Eric is your answer.

− Florbela M.

From my own experience, you couldn’t find a more caring and professional individual than Dr. Eric. He and his staff treat everybody like family. I don’t normally like to go to doctors; in fact, I try and avoid them as much as possible. Not so with Dr. Eric, I trust him, and know that he has my best interests at hand. The minute you walk into their office, you feel like with family!! Definitely 5 stars.

− Bernadette W.

Being 4 days away from my 1st Half Marathon and in the worst back pain of my life; Dr. Eric and his staff took great care of me. My back pain was at the point where I couldn’t stand up straight, get out of bed on my own or even put my socks on. I didn’t expect any miracles but that’s exactly what I received from Dr. Eric. Within an hour of Dr. Eric’s diagnosis and adjustment, I felt better than ever. I have been to other Chiropractors over the years; but Dr. Eric and his cracker jack staff set a new all time record of chiropractic care standards for me. You can not imagine the cracks Dr. Eric released from my back & neck that felt like they were there for decades. I walk out of this office with a renewed body and mind and believe it or not, a lot less anxiety which I feel Dr. Eric extracts from me in his adjustments. Needless to say I completed my first half marathon pain free and I could not have done that without his care. Dr. Eric you have a new lifelong customer here. Thank you!

− Gloria T.

Dr. Eric and the staff are friendly, competent, helpful and genuinely care about the well-being of their patients.

In contrast to other chiropractors I’ve gone to, Dr. Eric has a very data driven approach. Adjustments are done with very specific goals in mind. Really couldn’t recommend them enough.

− Alec J.

Dr. Eric and the staff are amazing! We brought in my newborn to be adjusted and within a few adjustments, her reflux improved and she started sleeping for longer periods of time throughout the night! My husband and I started seeing Dr. Eric as well and we feel amazing. Can’t say enough good things!

− Lindsay T.

Dr. Eric has helped me tremendously. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and Dr. Eric and the staff at Sparta Chiropractic go above and beyond to explain the process to you and also to make you comfortable and in control of your treatment. I have never felt better, and I honestly have Dr. Eric to thank for that. He is the best!

− Jess F.

The staff here is wonderful. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. Dr. Eric is a great chiropractor and has a wealth of information on many aspects of improving your health. In a short time they have made me feel much better. I have less pain and more mobility than I have had in years. You would do well to try Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

− Rich P.

Dr Eric and his staff are second to none in their field. They are professional, warm and caring and make you feel like part of the family after just one visit. Dr. Eric has helped me through my injury and set me on a course for better health. If you are looking for chiropractic care, look no further than Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

− Robert B.

The staff are very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Eric is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his patients. He has helped me with with my headaches and back pain, but also with stress management, nutrition and exercise which have all helped me finally feel truly healthy and alive, not just surviving. Check him out!

− Charlene C.

I highly recommend Sparta Chiropractic, it is an awesome place. Dr. Eric is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and I walk out of there feeling terrific each and every time I get an adjustment. The office staff is superb and very friendly. I always feel comfortable when I am there. I see a tremendous improvement since I have been going there for the past several years. I truly believe this is the best in chiropractic care!

− Amy A.

Absolutely a great place to get help whether it be chiropractic or to just try and improve your life overall. A really likeable staff and very professional,while also still making it a comfortable environment. Eric is also a personality in his own right and will do everything he possibly can to work with and enhance you. I personally always look forward to my next appointment.

− Robert C.

I haven’t actually been officially seen, however my intended place of business wasn’t open and I had to use the ladies room ASAP! They were on lunch and most graciously let me use their facilities. What a bright and cheery office. We chatted a bit and once my insurance kicks back in, will be seeing Dr. Eric! My bladder will be forever grateful…

− Diane R.

After trying several other chiropractors, I was delighted when I finally found Dr. Eric. He is friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. He has been helping me manage chronic back pain for years, and I continue to be very pleased with the results. I am able to maintain an active lifestyle without the aid of painkillers. He is wonderful with children too and both my children have been seeing him since they were infants. Thank you Dr. Eric.

− Amy D.

Dr. Eric and his staff are fantastic. They are always very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Eric is focused on improving your health and is very good at identifying the issue and knowing what to do to fix it. He and his staff are great and can’t recommend them enough.

− Chris A.

Great experience! Highly recommend, and have seen really great results in my hip injury! Office is also so organized and always so open to helping you reschedule and work around your busy life schedule.

− Taylor V.

Dr. Eric and his staff are next level. If you’re considering coming to his practice think no more. He treats everyone like family, and is amazing at what he does. If I could give higher than 5 stars I would!

− Ryan B.

Dr. Eric changed my life. I had a few issues before being in his care and now I’m a different person because of him. My family and I have been seeing Dr. Eric for about 4 years. His staff & family have become like family to us. We are so grateful to him.

− Tara F.

Dr. Eric and his staff are awesome. I’ve tried a few different chiropractors over the years and nothing has compared to Dr. Eric. Treats everyone like family and truly fixes your problems. If you aren’t going to see him yet what are you waiting for.

− Trevor M.

Dr. Eric and staff are wonderful. You feel welcome every time you walk through the door. Dr. Eric diagnosed what was causing my back pain, set a treatment program and started me on my way to recovery.

− Mike R.