Meet Dr. Eric Loewrigkeit

My sister had started going to the chiropractor because she was a gymnast and her back was bothering her. (That makes sense.) But one day my mother was discussing with the doctor how much school I was missing because of my allergies and that I had already gone to the allergist and was only getting worse, he suggested that she bring me in for a check up.

Believe me, I was a skeptic. I mean how could my allergies be related in any way, shape or form to my spine? What I found is that the link wasn’t the spine, per se, but rather my nervous system, which had interference with it, causing my allergic symptoms.

Still not completely convinced, and being a minor, so I had little choice, I began care that spring during middle school. I admit, the improvements with my sinus pressure and continual nose running, were minor at first, but did build with time. And by the end of that same summer, I would have my last episode with allergies. I’ve been a patient ever since.

I decided to make a commitment to my community to help and educate them the same way I was helped as a teenager. That’s how I became a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Education

I have a Bachelor’s Science in exercise physiology from Rutgers University and graduated from NYCC in 1999. One of the most memorable exercises from chiropractic school was how a subluxation can effect the optic nerve.

In an exercise during one class, the patient stood at nose length from a piece of paper on the wall. The limits of the patient’s peripheral vision were then marked on the piece of paper from above, below and both sides for each eye (forming a diamond). The diamond for each eye was then compared relative to its shape and the instructor explained that the side that the diamond was smaller on was the side that the first cervical or neck vertebra was out of place or subluxated.

The patient was then adjusted and the “diamond” exercise was repeated. And darned it, wouldn’t you know, that the diamonds would be the same size after the adjustment. The instructor then went on to say that the only sensation that the body experiences that does not pass through your vertebral column is your ability to smell. Our entire world is literally filtered and processed through our nervous systems. Pretty amazing!

My Philosophy

When you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.

I haven’t had to go to work in many years because of people like you. Our practice only attracts the highest quality patients and myself and my staff are dedicated to the service of those patients.

On a Personal Note

My practice especially caters to families and sports injuries. I have four children and have always loved sports and so my practice has become a natural extension of that.

The greatest gift I received at chiropractic college was meeting my wife. She has showed me things I never thought possible and has taught me, though painfully at times, to be a better version of me.

One of my greatest lessons was the joy of having children. Having children was never really all that important to me, I just thought that one day, when I got married I’d have a couple kids, you know, to continue the species. But when I met Carrie and she told me she wanted SIX! I thought…really…really?!

Now having had children, I tell people they are the one thing I never knew I always wanted. They are an adventure I never knew could be so exciting. They make me look at and understand the world in a brighter and fuller way. And so for now, we’ve stopped at four, which seems to be a good number for us.
In my spare time, my four children keep my wife and I very busy. The children are starting to get old enough where they can do some really neat things with us. Hiking has always been part of our lifestyle, but now we’ve started with canoe trips, fishing and bicycling.

We also love going into New York City to visit the museums, Central Park or the Zoo. Island Beach State Park is another favorite spot for us along with the Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York.

Adjustments for Chiropractors

Chiropractors need chiropractic care too!

Personally, I receive an adjustment once per week. Talking about getting adjusted with my staff, the time you really notice how great you feel under chiropractic care the most, is when you haven’t been adjusted in a while. But getting adjusted is only the core to any well rounded healthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest challenges my patients face is that they don’t have the time to live healthy and exercise. “You can never have the time, unless you TAKE the time.” I have four kids and I don’t have “the time” either, but I’ve made a habit of going to bed early so that I can get up early, and exercise is how I start off my day. I have a morning routine that includes exercise, meditation, reviewing my goals, affirmations, journaling, visualization and reading something that empowers me.

The last component of my health that I focus on are my eating habits. I drink half my body weight, in ounces, everyday and I consume eight to nine servings of fruit and vegetables everyday. I take vitamin supplements also just for insurance.